Who We Are?

Our Mission

You deserve the best and with Itz Lit that is exactly what you will get. Itz Lit is not a rental booth with a technician — Itz Lit is an experience with a host. In fact our business is to entertain, to delight and to deliver exceptional quality and service.

Itz Lit is locally owned and operated so we understand your community — your specific needs, your venues, your vendors. Itz Lit’s local ownership in multiple markets has helped create a network of Itz Lit owners that take pride in what they do. The local owners build off the experience and knowledge of a national brand delivering exceptional service and a unique design. They will meet with you in person and will work with you one-on-one to make sure your event is a success.

The bottom line is that exemplary service and quality is at the core of our culture – it’s the way we do business. Please contact us to learn more about opening a Itz Lit in your home town.

Extraordinary Experiences

Itz Lit is more than just a photobooth. The photobooth experience is constantly evolving and we are always striving to offer
the newest technologies while keeping in mind how it all started.

Our Core Values